We are a mid-sized forwarding agent with a history that goes back to the year 1918. In the small town of Peterslahr in Westerwald, business operations began as a bakery, soon switching to trade in coal.

In 1939, Peter Schmitt founded the forwarding business, the basis of today’s company. His eldest son Hans K. Schmitt soon joined the company as well. Under his management, together with his wife Ursula Schmitt, the company underwent further development until the 2000s.

Today, Peter Schmitt represents the third generation to manage the company, which now employs at its operating sites Oberhonnefeld, Schmölln and Denkendorf, as well as at Willemsen Transport GmbH in Goch, over 300 well-trained employees in the divisions Logistics & Forwarding, Construction Materials & Disposal and Truck Service.

Vehicle fleet in Peterslahr, end of the 1950s

Vehicle fleet in Peterslahr 1965


1939Founding of forwarding business in Peterslahr
1954Permit for commercial short-distance hauling
1958Permit for commercial long-distance hauling
1960Construction material wholesaling added to performance range
1970Vehicle fleet and workshop move into new location in Oberhonnefeld (Rheinland-Palatinate)
1979Lorry workshop Oberhonnefeld recognized as qualified master operation (Meisterbetrieb)
1983Office operations move into new administration building in Oberhonnefeld
1992Founding of branch location Schmölln in Thüringen
1995Removal to new operations site in Schmölln and startup of Schmölln lorry workshop as qualified master operation (Meisterbetrieb)
2002Certification as disposal operation
2004Construction of new logistics facility in Oberhonnefeld
2006Founding of branch location Stuttgart in Denkendorf (Baden-Württemberg)
2020Merger of Willemsen Transport GmbH into the Schmitt Group

Vehicle fleet in Oberhonnefeld 1997

Vehicle fleet in Schmölln 2005