Whistleblower System

Our company has long maintained standards of behavior and values ​​in order to create an environment for its employees and business partners that is characterized by respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty. These standards of behavior and values ​​are set out in the Code of Conduct and are based on legal requirements and further internal requirements.

By setting up a whistleblower system, we enable our business partners, third parties and employees to address and remedy any violation of our standards or legal violations.

In order to support you in reporting any violations and to implement the HinSchG, a whistleblower system has been set up to make reporting possible.

Before you report a violation, please consider whether the matter could be resolved in a personal conversation. Also make sure that there is at least well-founded evidence of the misconduct or violation of values.

If you decide to make a report, please note the following:

Send an email to schmuck@caspers-mock.de or contact lawyer Markus Schmuck from the law firm Dr. Caspers Mock & Partner mbB directly.