Our mission statement

Our mission statement at Schmitt Peterslahr is the basis and vision for our business and collective working. Due to our mission statement, we can scrutinise the way we do business at any time so as to stay true to our guiding principle, “Best service for you”.


On the basis of the best efficiency, innovative technology and the highest degree of quality and competency we endeavour to be the market leader in quality for all the market segments in which we operate. We are aware that we can only continue to improve through honest, professional and reliable work.


The tasks which we undertake are resolved on the basis of the above average motivation of every single person to provide the fullest satisfaction for all parties in the Logistics & Distribution, Building Materials & Waste Disposal and Truck Service divisions. The continuous information flow within the company yields the highest possible value for our customers, with whom we gladly cooperate in partnership.

…for you!

Our customers are the linchpin of our daily work and therefore a mirror for our business. We know how we as a service provider should be competent, understanding and congenial to our customer, as ultimately he ensures our monthly income and the security of every job.

Through open and tolerant dealings with each other a team culture grows which we can continue to develop. We would like for every single work position to be occupied by the correct employee. Every employee is provided with appropriate room for further training, as we see lifelong learning as both an opportunity and a responsibility. Satisfaction in the workplace is enhanced by strengthening of self-reliance, recognition of performance and participation in decision-making.

Through dutiful dealings with available resources and deployment of the latest technology we treat the environment with care. Positive and thoughtful behaviour towards our fellow man strengthens our reputation in the region and further afield. We are professionals with a sense of responsibility!

If we manage to stay true to the requirements of all parties, long-term success with the largest possible profitability and an optimal market position will be the inevitable result. Our success is the result of correct decisions.

Because success is reached with people, through people and for people!